Job 1 For The Injury Prone

I would be shocked if I ever met an athlete who was competitive but has never had an injury. Part of the struggle of being an elite athlete is balancing pushing your body to the limit and pushing it past it’s breaking point. Although that line is clear, it is incredibly  thin. We learn key actions to prevent injuries which include knowing how to properly warm up, cool down, eat properly and train. However, even with great injury prevention, some injuries are inevitable.

Lets take Derek Redmond, the British runner whose career included various injuries despite being a world class athlete. Injuries can come at the worst time but leave an impact on both the athlete and the audience’s lives. Take the ’92 Barcelona Olympics where Derek Redmond unfortunately got injured during his race. Although a tragic moment for any athlete, it is remembered as one of the Olympics great moments that showed such determination that a even a runner born in ’94 know his story.


So why the book of Job? Well, Job was a man whose faith was tested after a series of tragedies from losing his wealth to his family. At church, my Pastor focused on Job 1. My pastor gave insight on this book that has helped me understand my track career and handling injuries.

What I took from my pastor’s sermon is we’ve been through hardships before and made it through. Take Job 1:20-21 “Job 1:20 Then Job arose, and rent his mantle, and shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground, and worshipped,1:21 And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” My pastor reminded me that there was a time when I didn’t have the blessings I had so when I lose something I should not worry because I’ve been at that point before.

After two stress reactions in my foot, a hamstring injury, hip flexor problems, muscle tightness, and other injuries I’m probably blocking out of my mind, I am learning to remain calm when my body doesn’t act right. I have been through it all before and have made it through. Track like anything in life has no stairway to success. Even the current great runners like Sanya Richards Ross, Allyson Felix and Chanelle Price have had injuries that have slowed them down.

Sometimes, like Job, when things look bleak, you just need to go to God. And when God’s plan seems to make no sense, just remeber God’s plan is never wrong. Every injury is meant to happen for some reason. We just need to take care of ourselves until it all makes sense. Our injuries can introduce us to great people. For example, my injuries brought me closer to my athletic trainers. Our injuries lead to great stories that are remembered. Our injuries make us smarter athletes. They make us teachers. Our injuries suck at the time we get them, but God’s greater plan is worth taking the time to discover.

4 thoughts on “Job 1 For The Injury Prone

  1. Dear Agent 800,

    I love your thoughts about injuries here and how we have to have faith in God even though it’s tough not knowing what his plan is for us. As a former Nationally-ranked figure skater, I’ve gotten injured so many times that I joke that I could become a physical therapist. There’s something unique that you’ve mentioned –that elite training pushes us sometimes beyond our physical limits.

    I wondered if I could post your blog on our website. I find that this post is particularly relevant to our website which brings together former and current athletes and provides a space for people to share their experiences.

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    Thank you for your consideration!!

    Margaret Wang

    • Hello,
      I would be happy if you’d share my post with others. It’s important to connect the athlete community and I think talking about some common struggles of athletes is important. Also thank you for your insight on my post.

      • Thank you! And thank you for signing up! I wondered if you would be willing to write a note about your perspective under “News” or “off-topic” on our Forums page at Thank you in advance!!

  2. I very much appreciate hearing your perspective and it’s refreshing to find someone who understands our common strugfle. Thank you so much for signing up!! I posted your blog on our “Forums” page.

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